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On 25 Jun 2019 04:42 PM

As you master the fundamentals of inbound marketing, you will soon begin the important journey of expanding your studies.

The best way to learn the tricks of the trade is to imitate and emulate the masters before developing you own methodology that best suits your practice.


As you become more fluent in creating content, understanding design, social and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the expansion of your knowledge base is done by studying the masters and teachers among us.


It would be easier if you just download our comprehensive handbook here, but understanding this need, we have compiled a list of 20 inbound marketing blogs that can help you improve your mastery of the subject matter.


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  1. HubSpot

The leader of all inbound marketing blogs, HubSpot has become a bible of sorts for good content writers or an inbound marketer. Divided into four parts: Marketing, Sales, Service and Agency – HubSpot allows users to subscribe on topics that captures their fancy, which are updated daily.

If your vision is to increase leads, accelerate sales, organize your contacts or better serve your customers, this blog has a solution to help you grow.


  1. Moz

A site that boasts the smarter way to do SEO, Moz should be your go to guru if you want to take you SEO and online skills to the next level.

The industry’s top experts, spin doctors and marketing wizards have all played an important role through Moz – offering advice, how-tos, research and insights especially tailored for the inbound rookies.


  1. Social Media Examiner

If your job requires you to have mastery of social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube and many more, this blog should be one of your best guides in this field.

Social media is and will always be ever-changing, thus the Social Media Examiner has got you covered by looking into the latest innovations concerning social media websites, which also include awesome tips and tricks from the leaders of social media marketing.


  1. Square 2 Marketing

The purpose of any marketing initiative will always be to generate leads. Don’t believe us? Ask your bosses. Square 2 Marketing blog will help you on your journey of transforming your website into a lead generating machine.

They share everything too. From content marketing to web design practices, trust us when we say that they will help you improve your business.


  1. Weidert Group

Put your reading glasses on as Weidert Group’s Marketing & Sales blog IS a phenomenal read for any marketer. Tons of valuable information on all things inbound will give fresh ideas to any prospecting inbound marketer.


  1. Kuno Creative

Another one of those blogs that you can make a part of your morning routine, Kuno Creative’s blog is a gateway for information on using SEO best practices and branding.

Not only is it limited to mastery of SEO, Kuno Creative also helps you strategize and execute strategies that help grow your business.


  1. SmartBug Media

Founded in 2007, SmartBug Media began with a vision of bringing in experienced inbound markets to help other agencies with their inbound marketing strategy.

The site generates great articles focused on inbound strategies, SEO tips, lead generation among others crafted based on the experience of seasoned inbound marketers.

What’s unique about SmartBug is because there are a lot of case studies to review to ensure that it is not all talk.


  1. Jeff Bullas

A blogger, content marketer and strategist Jeff Bullas is a man with a breadth of experience working with companies to optimize their online brands.

Blogging about everything social media marketing and digital marketing, readers of his blog can find ample information about blogging, social media networks, search engine optimization and so on.

The main advantage of his blog is helping businesses get discovered online.


  1. MarketingProfs

A great destination for marketers to get information about their jobs, the site has 20 categories for marketers to unearth valuable information about advertising, branding, marketing strategy, writing and so on.

Similar to other sites, experience of many writers are pooled into one to ensure a variety of topics are made available at your fingertips.


  1. Social Media Today

Publishing more than three articles a day, Social Media Today is definitely one site you should not miss if you are looking for content about interesting, attractive, educative and innovative topics that every inbound marketer should care about.

Articles include topics related to Social Media Updates, Trending, Social Marketing, Digital Strategy and Content Marketing.


  1. Heidi Cohen

For seasoned inbound marketers, you probably know Heidi Cohen. Like Jeff Bullas, she is a great inbound marketer and blogger.

In her blog, you will find some important information about content marketing strategies, email marketing, tips for good writing and so on.

An awesome guide for newbies, Heidi will not make you want to leave in a hurry.


  1. Quicksprout

A one-man-blogsite, Quicksprout is all about Neil Patel, his really deep experience and ability to share his knowledge with others. The answer to you inbound marketing questions, whilst his writing is clear for newbies, it is also a great resource for experts.


  1. PR 20/20


If you are on the lookout for useful knowledge from a number of different writers, then this should be your go to blog.


Certainly in the upper echelon of useful knowledge, writing arguments from a multi-faceted point of view is certainly a strength of this blog site.


  1. Danny Brown

You cannot mention Jeff Bullas and Heidi Cohen without mentioning Danny Brown. Named by our number one blogsite, HubSpot as the top marketing blog, Danny has certainly perfected the art of storytelling.

He shares information through the art of storytelling which is not just entertaining but also effective.


  1. Seth Godin

A ‘Thought Leader’, Seth Godin is one of the top minds in the field.

A must read blog, his articles are short and punchy, direct and teaches his readers what they need to know about everything marketing.


  1. John Chow

An author and blogger who has been featured on TV, John Chow is marketing.

An entertaining read, his blog covers email marketing to social media and more, but is intertwined with some very fun content to keep you engaged.


  1. Hotjar

A blog that may be of interest to those looking for mastery in UI/UX, this blog will keep you up-to-date on the latest insights, UX design tips and digital marketing strategies.

With graphics that are to die for, surely those looking into improving the UX master will want to learn more.


  1. The Content Strategist

A brainchild of Contently, this blog has a very impressive CV behind it, having serviced big brand names which include American Express, Bayer, Dell Technologies and JP Morgan Chase.

The blog covers all aspects of content, including strategy, storytelling, B2B, return on investment, social media, industry trends and more.



HubSpot partner IMPACT covers the latest but basic inbound marketing. With the aim of helping organizations succeed, IMPACT simply live marketing.


  1. Duct Tape Marketing

Blogger John Janstch only has one thing on his mind when it comes to inbound marketing - small businesses.

A small business expert, John’s blog is a great read for marketing any business.



Achieving mastery of your trade is a long and arduous journey, and with the community of marketers that we have today, there are some out there who are more than willing to give out a helping hand.


To help you on your way, hereis a much needed helping hand to get you on your way.


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