Four INBOUND MARKETING Methods To Accelerate Lead Generation

On 15 Jul 2019 08:50 AM

It is important to remember that Inbound Marketing is more consumer-centered than product-centered.

Powerful content that are adapted to the need of your client persona can help educate them about you and your brand, as well as provide orientations on the solutions you can give.

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Learning to convert strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service can be done by understanding the four pillars of inbound marketing – Attract, convert, close and delight.



Though inbound marketing is no rocket science, it is of great importance that as a marketer you understand the mechanics that make the process effective for your business.

Upon educating your audience by giving light to their problems, advantage and solutions through quality content, it is time to cultivate you ideal audience through the four stages given in the above.


Stage 1: Attract

Attracting customers has been part of every marketing effort in human history. Understanding that the development of quality content that is relative to your customer’s life and problems, is vital in your pursuit of big bucks.

Create organic traffic with leads. For instance, when someone faces a problem, figure out the best approach to finding a solution.

Once your content is done, place them where it is most visible – through the utilization of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ensure that you match with your ideal customers.

The ultimate goal of attracting new audiences is by converting strangers to visitors.


Stage 2: Convert

Now that you have equipped your ideal visitors with you informative content, we convert these visitors into leads.

Give focus to leads that truly care about solving their problem and taking advantage of what’s out there.

Building trust and establishing a connection between you and your reader, via a learn-more button, a scheduled demonstration – basically any form of information where you can maintain a connection.


Stage 3: Close

This is where your dedicated and passionate sales team earn their pay – by closing the deal. Consult options to you clients, tell them that you’ve got it covered.

The closing deal is an art form in itself, ensure that leads understand the benefits of what you are offering which specifically targets their ultimate goal.


Stage 4: Delight

Once a customer has read your content, submit their information and have made a purchase, it is your job to ensure that they keep coming back!

Continuously stay in touch with your customer and truly ensure that their problem is solved.

Do not overlook this stage, instead cultivate the relationship to create a climate that benefits both of you in the long run.

Keeping these strategies a secret do not win you friends. Whether you are a marketing professional or CEO or founder of a business, know this – we’ve got you covered.

As a business we understand that taking advantage of new marketing strategies may not make sense to some.


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