Identifying Buyer Persona and Help Develop Your Business’ Audience Segment

How do you determine your audience segment? By chance and hope that you strike lucky?

As with any business, leaving your audience segment up to chance may make or break you. Identifying buyer persona is just as important as identifying what your prospecting customers want from a business as buyer personas can tell your business what your prospective customers are thinking and doing. Buyer personas are generalized representations of your ideal customer – vital to your business’ marketing, sales, product and services. Simply put, buyer personas is the target customer your business is geared to.


“Buyer personas can be created through research, surveys and interviews of your target audience.”

“It is important to start small as a buyer personas are dependent upon your business – from one or two person to as many as 10 or 20.”


To develop buyer personas, your business must look into:

  1. Looking through your contacts database to uncover trends of how your customer or leads consume your content.
  2. Create forms that capture important persona information.
  3. Take into consideration of your sale’s team feedback as they are the ones who interact with your client’s the most.
  4. Have interviews over the phone or in person to gauge information with regards to your product and services.


To further gauge your business’s buyer personas, here are tips on how to guarantee you get the best feedback possible.

  1. Customers: Reach out to the ‘good and bad’, those who love and hates your product.
  2. Prospects: Reach out to those who have not known much about your company or have yet to purchase your product.
  3. Referrals: Social media sites are the best possible platform to gauge people who are most likely tagged by another to view your business.


Despite being a long and arduous process, creating buyer personas will pay dividends in the long run, creating a database of the direction your company will take in the future.


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