What is the Best Time to Post Instagram in Malaysia | RA Marketing

On 28 Mar 2019 02:55 PM

You’ve been posting snap after snap but you’ve never gotten more than 25 to 40 likes. If the content is a little boring and lackluster, that could explain the lack of engagement. However, if your content is eye-catching, the answer might lie in the times you post. If you’re posting during the dead zone hours when most people are in deep sleep, there will definitely be fewer people viewing your post.


Of course, you can find out what your best posting times are via Instagram Insights if you’ve got a business profile. If you want a headstart, however, read on ‘cause we’ve done some research on several niches and gotten a range of the best times to publish on Instagram if you’re based in Malaysia.


Fashion & Beauty


Thursday: 5 to 8 pm

Friday: 10 am to 2 pm, 5 pm

Saturday: 5 to 8 pm

beauty and fashion gif


Grammers enjoy looking at fashion and beauty snaps on Saturday evenings. Hmm, I bet they’re looking for some outfit and makeup inspiration as they prep for their night out.





Thursday: 10 am to 2 pm

Friday: 9 am to 1 pm, 6 to 8 pm

tech gif


On Thursdays, tech lovers are especially active on Instagram in the late morning and lunch hours. Oppo Malaysia (@oppomalaysia)’s posts from 11 am to 2 pm garnered 1,745 reactions on average. You’ll also get loads of views on Friday mornings and after working hours.


Food & Beverage

Thursday: 10 am to 3 pm

Friday: 7 am to 10 am

food and beverage gif

Apparently, Malaysian ‘grammers get really hungry on Thursdays as they’re pretty active on Instagram throughout the day but brands like Burger Lab (@myburgerlab) and Food Panda (@foodpandamy) have gotten the most reactions on their posts in the late mornings and afternoons.



Financial Services

Monday: 1830-2030 (maybank and officialcrowdo)

Wednesday: 1500 (maybank and pwc_malaysia)

Financial Services gif


Who knew people like to check in on the state of their finances at the start and middle of the work week? Announcing the establishment of the Maybank Wealth Academy on Monday at 730 gave Maybank (@mymaybank) 259 likes.


Film, TV, and On-Demand Streaming

Monday: 330 pm to 5 pm, 6 to 7pm, 9 pm

Wednesday: 4 to 7 pm, 9 pm

Thursday: 830 am to 1 pm, 4 to 7 pm, 10 pm to 11 pm

Sunday: 11 am

Film, TV, and On-Demand Streaming


Movie lovers are tuning into looking for movies to watch on Sundays as @disneymalaysia and @mbocinemas’s feeds have had the most responses between 10 to 11 am and 11 am to 2 pm respectively.




Wednesday: 1700-1900
Thursday: 1200 (travelokamy, malindoair), 1600 (cathaypacific and singaporeair)

Friday: 12 to 2 pm, 3 to 6 pm.

travel gif


If you find your co-workers scrolling through Instagram at these hours, you can bet they’re experiencing some wanderlust. Cathay Pacific (@cathaypacific) and Singapore Airlines (@singaporeair) have hit the sweet spot by uploading snaps on Thursdays at 4. Cathay Pacific, in particular, gets 10,000 hits on average by posting from 4 to 7 pm.