7 Creative Work Employee Incentives & Rewards Ideas in Malaysia | RA Marketing

On 28 Mar 2019 02:11 PM

Let’s face it. We’re more likely to get our tasks done faster and better if we know there’s a reward in it for us. While cash is a common way of rewarding your employees, research shows that non-cash rewards such as travel leads to increased revenue and productivity. How does a company trip inspire employees to perform better? Well, here are seven ways.


1. Relax and Recharge 

When your employees spend eight hours a day at their desks, it’s only natural that their health suffers. By getting away from the day-to-day grind of the office, they have an opportunity to destress and recharge their minds and bodies in a peaceful environment


Image credit: Kyle Pham/Unsplash

 2. Build Stronger Relationships
In a friendly, disarming environment that’s not the office, your team members can let their guard down around one other. With fun team-building activities and sharing sessions in the mix, they’ll be pushed to form new bonds and deepen trust in existing relationships.

3. Break Departmental Silos
Different departments may have different priorities, concerns, and work processes. Set aside some time where members of different departments can discuss their concerns and goals with each other. These brainstorming sessions can break individuals out of their silos as they learn to appreciate the efforts of their colleagues and suggest new approaches to work processes and roles.

4. Acknowledge Their Efforts 

A worker whose efforts are recognised is a happy worker. Use this trip to praise an employee who contributed greatly on a project with a client or share examples of how certain team members embody company culture.

acknowledge their efforts

Image credit: Kyle Pham/Unsplash

5. Hear Them Out

Whether your company trip is set in an exciting destination or a peaceful locale, it’s an opportunity to come up with and present ideas. Whether it’s during breakfast or group discussions, hearing them out goes a long way toward making them feel appreciated.

6. Learn
Help your employees understand the significance of your vision and company goals. Once they share the same vision and goals, they’ll be more driven to accomplish them.

Image credit: Nik MacMillan/Unsplash

7. Create Unforgettable Experiences

Cash can be easily spent in a second but it’s scuba-diving in the Maldives or making wine in the vineyards of Bordeaux that will leave your staff gushing about their experiences for years to come.