18 Pro Tips to grow your inbound business

On 28 Jun 2019 09:04 AM

Ensuring that consumers choose your products or services over your competitors is not a walk in the park, hence the need for a business to be at the top of their marketing game. 

How do you do that, you might ask?


Here are 18 pro tips that you can adopt for you inbound marketing to develop loyal customers to your brand, ensure business growth and ultimately generate leads.


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  1. Write an eBook – Establish your company as an industry expert

Just like us, Scott Bishop suggests that a unique approach to attracting new clients is by writing an eBook.

“Pick a topic and provide practical solutions to pain points that people in your target market are currently experience.”

Scott added that the information provided by be valuable to give the impression that you are a great source of information.

Use your eBook as a lead magnet to your social media assets.


  1. Add a quiz on your site to improve lead-to-customer ratio

Tejasvi Desai suggests that creating a quiz aimed at your website visitors will help you learn more about their particular interests and acquire much needed contact information.

Interactivity is a sure fire way to familiarize visitors with your brand, as 96 percent of users will complete a quiz after starting one.

Now that’s approximately 2 uninterrupted minutes of hard selling, don’t you think?


  1. Use SEO strategies to increase inbound

With the right SEO strategies in place, Lisa Nathalie says that your website will be more visible on Google, and possess a better change of appearing in the top 10 search results.


  1. Location target using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can help you compete by helping customers in your area look for you.

Understand some keyword search to reveal what local terms may be used to search what you offer and ensure that your ads appear to people searching in your local area, then you are on your way.


  1. Have an effective email collection strategy

As a business you should always pay attention to your email list, and not collecting emails from your readers may just be your biggest mistake.

There are three effective ways to collect emails from inbound customers.

  1. Give away an ebook, just like this, for free related to your core niche. You get leads from your readers by showing it at your blog’s sidebar, home page, and footer.
  2. Give a checklist or PDF formats of your online guides in exchange for emails.
  3. Use exit-intent popups, and give a useful eBookaway for free.


  1. Answer your customer’s pain points

Build your whole content strategy around answering your customer’s most common questions and pain points.

Instead of writing content that keeps repeating why readers should try your service or product, give them a reason to consider your service by addressing their most painful obstacles.

At Rose Attractions we make sure that all our contentrevolves around growth hacks, marketing tips and lead generation.


  1. Focus on personalized experiences over generic information

We live in a day and age where people put more value on real-time responses and conversion over lengthy generic information (benefits, features) on the site.

Hence the reason my most websites today adopts a multitude of communication channels like live chat, chatbot or voice search as well as testimonials to explain products, services and benefits.


  1. Base your content on why influencers are talking about

Joe Robinson stated that when creating a content marketing strategy, don’t start with content ideas, but with the people you are going to promote it to.

Identify names in your industry that has the most pulling power to spread your content, and research what they tend to talk about and link to.


  1. Offer a free online course

Adwords training, training on how to boost your business on Facebook, creating an instagram school, are all examples done with the purpose of building a relationship with potential clients and demonstrate a business’ expertise.

Consider online courses as a free introduction to your business/services.


  1. Use embed codes to make it easy for people to share your content

Embed codes like thisto ensure that you make it easy for people to share your content.

Whether it is an infographic, an article or a video, if you offer informative and entertaining content, people will share it even without you having to reach out to people.


  1. Ask your partner or supporters to market for you

Just like any brand, there are those who are more than willing to become advocates/ambassadors to you product.

Why not ask them to promote you by writing positive reviews or share your material on their social media?


  1. Research your competitor’s content

Let’s face it, we all do it. Keep abreast of what your competitor’s are doing to ensure that you are not missing out.

If your three biggest competitors have some variation of a certain piece of content, then it is probably a good idea for you to have that content as well.


  1. Run a cross promotion with a non-competing business

Collaborate. Collaborating with a brand that will not have overlaps in interest will drive inbound traffic to the business.

Giving away free even tickets, or free content when purchasing your service is a good way to add value offer to your customers and theirs.


  1. Make it easy for customers to contact you

Not all connections can and will be made through a 24-hour toll free line. Utilize your social media assets and tell the world that you are ever ready to receive new prospects.


  1. Leverage on your team

Keep in mind that your employees too can be valuable to your business. Offer a friend and family discount.

If they themselves have experienced what your business has to offer, imagine what they can do in terms of marketing for you.


  1. Participate in events and advertise it on social media

One inbound marketing strategy is to attend, sponsor, and present at in-person or online events like conferences, seminars, and lectures.

By attending, you can network with and meet new people who will likely share or interact with your post.


  1. Facebook retargeting for small businesses.

Facebook’s retargeting feature helps target people who have already shown an interest in your company – whether they started adding items to their basket or read a blog post.

‘Remind’ someone that a cart they abandoned on your site is still there.


  1. Post answers to FAQs on your blog

You can receive more than 50 queries per day on different aspects of our service, but the vast majority are general questions whose answers are useful to hundreds or even thousands of people with the same question.


Dedicate time and effort to respond to your clients’ questions and give the perfect answer.


Agree with our pro tips? Do you have a pro tip of your own? Share it and make marketing that much less daunting for both seasoned and the rookie market-eer.


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